We develop bespoke software for your business.
Online, Apps, Digital Screens, Management Systems and more.

About Us.

Codeworks is a software development company based in Cardiff developing systems for many industries. Founded in 2007 the company has spent a number of years working with clients to create management systems, websites, apps and information services.

Our goal is to enable businesses throughout the UK to provide customers with the very best in technology through various methods of communication. We do this by developing systems for managers to achieve their goals quicker, to automate daily repetitive tasks and to become the link that enable existing systems to communicate with each other.


Too much time is wasted inputting the same information into different systems, let the software do the work for you.


The tools you use to get you through your day should be there to help you, prompt you and subtly correct you in times of need.


One size doesn't fit all. Software that isn't boxed in so that you can make the changes you need to suit you and your business.


We're here to help with any technical challenge you might have, we can work with your existing supplier and turn the project around in a timely manner. Get in touch if you have any questions and to find out more.